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Videogames, from Unidata and Avm new fiber optic connectivity


Oct 21, 2021

New fiber optic connectivity solution totally dedicated to the gaming market. Unidata and Avm Italia have developed the new ‘Gigafiber for Gamers’ offer which for the first time in Italy offers a connectivity solution in fiber optic FTTH (Fiber To The Home) up to 2.5 Gbps designed and developed according to specific needs of gamers, a growing market in terms of numbers and that requires a quality connection without lag and at the maximum speed available. The solution, due to its structural characteristics and technological equipment, represents the optimal choice for those looking for a 360 ° immersion in the world of consoles and online gaming. The new solution provides precisely a Ftth fiber optic connection with peak speed up to 2.5gbit / s in download which includes VoIP telephony and latest generation Wi-Fi 6 thanks to the Fritz! Box 5530 Router, the latest product of the German company for fiber connections, with static public IP these are just some of the technical features that make the offer perfect for gaming. “The trust we have been able to enjoy over the years rests largely on the great experience and solid technical expertise that characterizes and distinguishes us” says Renato Brunetti, President of Unidata. “The decision to create together with friends of Avm an offer dedicated to a demanding and experienced target such as gamers is in line with this characteristic of ours and I am sure it will be a winning choice” underlines the manager. Gianni Garita, Avm Italia Country Manager, recalls that “for almost twenty years the Avm and Unidata partnership has seen the two companies collaborate to be protagonists of the developments and evolution of the connectivity market in both the business and residential sectors”. “In addition to the B2B sector, always alongside Unidata, over the years we have enthusiastically faced the growth of the consumer sector. Today, therefore, – adds Garita – this new solution that we have specifically studied for the world of gamers, confirms and consolidates the value of a strategic partner like Unidata that allows Avm to be able to guarantee an optimal customer experience based on the wide range of Fritz devices and solutions! “The strength of the offer, the result of the Unidata-Avm Italia partnership, is the reduction at the minimum of latency thanks to the prioritization of data traffic An important asset especially when there are several devices on the network at the same time.

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