• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Armundia, the right balance of fintech


May 6, 2021

“There is no trust that it can be achieved through the screen” said today Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, putting a stop to the enthusiasm for fintech and technological solutions Those of Armundia see it a little differently, with their philosophy that starts already from the name, which evokes harmony between worlds: man and technology. The fintech and insurtech company founded in 2007 in Rome is doing exactly what Messina deems impossible: creating trust through a screen.One of their latest projects, launched a few months ago and which already has a dozen member institutes and over 100 branches, takes home banking to the next level, thanks to the creation of a virtual counter where the customer meets his contact person face to face, but everything, in fact, behind a screen. “In one thing Messina is right, and we are pleased that he stressed ”explains Gianluca Berghella, the CEO and cofounder of Armundia“ That is, technology must be at the service of man, and not vice versa. We must use it as a tool to improve processes, organization and interaction with the customer, without ever replacing it with the human element. “And if it is true that home banking has simplified our life for hundreds of operations, there are times when the relationship human is hardly replaceable. The need to optimize time and costs had already kicked off the project, which took off with the pandemic. The customer makes an appointment and receives a link, to which he can connect at the established time, starting a video call with the branch, thanks to a system that uses recognition mechanisms that protect the security of the call. Like any counter operation, it is registered and archived by the bank, guaranteeing its traceability.The future of banks, for Armundia, passes through technology, fundamental and increasingly integrated, which must however come after the vision of what the bank itself wants to be. in its relationship with customers. “Ours are sophisticated solutions on a technological level, but they start from the assumption that relational and human elements cannot be replaced”. So when Messina says “I want to see who can entrust their savings and future investments on the basis of a screen or a key on the internet “are you right?” In part, “concludes Berghella. “Especially if it refers to investments. We tend to think that the application of technology to investments leads to bots and standardized proposals. Our proposal, on the other hand, is to exploit all the potential of technology to offer maximum personalization, helping the bank to build tailor-made proposals for the individual customer, framed and analyzed at 360 degrees “.