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Demonstration in Rome, Landini: “This square speaks to the whole country”


Oct 16, 2021

“This square speaks to the whole country. It is an answer that speaks for itself, which says that all of Italy wants to change this country, that it wants to end with political violence. But also that we want to be protagonists of economic change. The whole government assumes this challenge and open a phase of social change in the country “. Thus the CGIL leader Maurizio Landini from the stage of the anti-fascist demonstration today in Rome, in Piazza San Giovanni, organized by the trade unions. Read also “Fascist organizations must be dissolved: let’s move now from solidarity to concrete actions and the State demonstrates its democratic strength in enforcing laws and applying the Constitution”, says Landini, reiterating the request to the government. WORK – At work, the CGIL leader urges the government to look at the reality of the numbers: “Even if the data tell us that there is growth, the question is not only how long it will last, but also what work will be created with this recovery” . “Of the approximately 500,000 additional jobs created, 90% were fixed-term contracts and only 1% had a duration of over 1 year. We need stable work, to restore confidence to young people and women”, points out. FISCO – “From the virus pandemic to the wage pandemic: for this we need an intervention that reverses the distribution of wealth – he says – a tax reform that is fair and that fights tax evasion, 120 billion, and the number is enough to make it clear what is the goal of a fight without quarter. But its characteristics must be simple and clear to everyone: it must increase the net payroll and also that of pensions, there is no other way “. ASSAULT THE CGIL – And then “we need to invest in culture and knowledge, rights to be guaranteed to all”. And in support of the proposal he tells how the devastation of the ground floor of the national headquarters of the union, last Saturday, by neo-fascist forces and no vax “left intact a beautiful painting by Guttuso: I said to myself that perhaps they didn’t know who he was, he was too complicated for them. “

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