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Work, Italy Meritocracy: “Strike to be avoided for the good of the country”


Oct 16, 2021

“The devastating corporate relocations, the ever increasing precariousness, and the outsourcing of the private and public sectors through the practice of procurement and subcontracting now lead to a general mobilization of the entire world of work. Underlying legitimate concerns”. This was underlined by the president of Meritocrazia Italia Walter Mauriello, indicating the issues “to be addressed now and no longer postponed”. The first is workplace safety. “That of deaths at work is a problem that becomes exponential. Last September 30, 2021, Inail published data on accidents and occupational diseases relating to the first eight months of 2021: between January and August 349,449 complaints were presented, with an increase of 8.5% compared to 2020. In 772 cases the outcome was death. The increase in penalties is insufficient and perhaps inadequate, because the phenomenon is explained by a complex intertwining of organizational and cultural factors and behavioral still strongly rooted. More useful – underlines Mauriello – would be to intervene in a promotional and preventive direction. It is true that the excess of state regulation, the legal formalism as an end in itself and the many cultural constraints to the modernization of labor law have ended , more often than not, to discourage the business system – especially small and medium-sized ones – to grasp and implement the substantial tti, of an organizational and behavioral nature, which make compliance with the laws in force effective “. “The real battle for safer and more decent workplaces – says Mauriello – once again passes through the door of the modernization of organizational contexts and management models of work, because obsolete constraints and bad rules inevitably push in the direction of abuses and improvisation, some of the main causes of the many tragedies at work. A strengthening of the control system is useful. The Inspectorate should merge the supervisory functions of the Ministry of Labor, INPS and Inail, employing more human and IT resources, including a shared database . A fundamental step to be able to cross-check at once on the overall regularity of the company and on the contributory, insurance and safety position of the workers. individual and partial access to Inps and In ail in relation to information on controlled companies “.” Then – continues the president of Meritocrazia Italia – there is the problem of coordination with the ASL, which are responsible for health and safety checks and who are not yet capable of networking, not having collected data in common with Inps and Inail (essential in order to avoid duplication or triplication of activities). The Minister of Labor has announced that 2,100 new inspectors are on the way, the first 822 by the end of the year, the others soon after with other competitions. However, this does not mean that the number of employees will grow in a similar way, given that a large part of the hiring will cover retirement expenses. A courageous plan for strengthening both in terms of human resources and infrastructures is needed, since countries whose health and safety systems in the workplace are ineffective use precious resources to deal with avoidable accidents and diseases “. Another issue is the level. minimum wage. “The minimum wage and the stability of employment contracts are necessary – says Mauriello – to guarantee workers an adequate salary, balanced living and working conditions and to build fair and resilient societies and economies. Furthermore, the minimum wage guarantees the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation, since the majority of workers earning a minimum wage are women. It is essential that everyone has access to minimum wages, through collective agreements or legal minimum wages “. Another issue is the reduction of working hours for the same salary” Work less, work better and work everyone. “” From Iceland, passing through the Spain and Scotland, up to the United States and Japan, the number of countries that study the short working week, with the same salary, is expanding, betting on the reduction of a day or a few hours for the well-being of employees, greater productivity business and the increase in employment. A fixed point is the need to redistribute work in an equitable manner, because today half of the people work too much and the other half do not work at all “. For the president of Meritocrazia Italia,” the benefits of the decrease in unemployment would also be public finances, which should incur lower social expenditure. The balance between private life and work would be improved, putting people at the center and going beyond the classic corporate benefits. Workaholic led to low productivity, little time to devote to the family and consequent demographic decline. In other words, it has led to a society that struggles to sustain itself and a practically immobile economy “. Meritocrazia Italia, highlights Mauriello,” is convinced that, rather than lingering in useless clashes, it would be more profitable to collaborate to resume the course, overcoming a passive approach and surrender to the present, a perverse and involutionary wait-and-see. A better tomorrow cannot be expected without awareness of the sacrifice necessary for construction. The line of dialogue and confrontation is always preferable to that of claims, especially in an economic context like the current one, made up of system fragility and social tensions. Regaining the capacity for dialogue with the Government is essential today. “” The resources contained in the Budget Law, together with those prepared by the NRP, are an unmissable opportunity for technological and infrastructural investments, for the digitization of processes and for training of employees, essential factors for the relaunch of our country, for decades governed only by a logic of sacrifices and cost reduction that has led to unmanageable situations. There are precious glimmers of light, but you need the courage to fight. It is necessary to return to the sense of duty, to the awareness that, in order to have, one must also give. We need to rediscover the meaning and dignity of commitment and the value of the contribution that everyone can make to the construction process of today and above all of tomorrow “, concludes Mauriello.

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