• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Government, the issues on the table: tomorrow Cdm


Oct 14, 2021

Government in the final rush on the double track of the fiscal decree and the budget planning document to be approved by the Council of Ministers tomorrow. Prime Minister Mario Draghi called the control room for today at 6 pm to take stock of the two measures. According to Adnkronos, the decree should be an ‘omnibus’ with fiscal interventions, a package of regulations from the Ministry of Labor and some refinancing, as emerged in recent days, or it could ‘split’ into two decrees. All this alongside work on the Dpb with the balances of the maneuver, to be notified by midnight tomorrow to the European Commission in Brussels. For the actual budget law, the government could allow itself a few more days, given that the notification to the Chambers is set by the 20th, but has already been postponed by a few days in the past. On the fiscal front, the definitive scheme of the measures will be defined after the control room but in the meantime the intention remains to defer payment of the bills after the release of the notification activity from September 1st. On the table remains the hypothesis of granting the taxpayer 4 more months to comply. A remodeling of the terms for paying the installments of the scrapping-ter and of the balance and excerpt is also on the way and the extension of the number of installments whose non-payment determines the forfeiture of the installment measures in progress before the start of the Covid-19 suspension .CIG – The provision would also find space to refinance up to 31 December an additional 13 weeks of layoffs with a reason for Covid, without additional contribution, also in order to manage the ‘gradual’ exit from the redundancy block (scheduled for 31 October) for the tertiary sector, small businesses, as well as the manufacturing sectors of fashion, textiles and footwear. parents with children in quarantine or in dad RESOURCES PER QUARANTINE – In the dl also the resources (about 900 million) to refinance the paid quarantine assimilating it to the disease. The programmatic budget increase will fix the balances of the maneuver that is about to exceed 23 billion, strong of the 22.5 billion released by the gap between the programmatic deficit and the trend in light of the improved growth estimates for 2021; better-than-expected revenues and the impact of falling demand. The Dpb will also indicate the main measures to be included in the Budget Law: an advance of the tax reform measures and the rules for overcoming the Quota 100 pension advance scheme.