• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Alitalia last flight, the hostess: “We are in mourning”


Oct 14, 2021

“It’s a very sad day. We are a grieving family. This story broke our hearts.” This was stated to Adnkronos by Laura Manto, the Alitalia ground hostess who today at the gate of the Rome-Cagliari flight, flight AZ01581, addressed a warm greeting to the passengers of the company before boarding, thanking them “for having accompanied us and trusted us in these 74 years “on the occasion of the last flight of the former national airline. Read also “We are in limbo. Tomorrow – explains Manto who has been with Alitalia for 16 years – we will go to work but we will temporarily serve Ita”, the new company that will take over from Alitalia tomorrow. “We do not know our future situation. From tomorrow there will be a new company that will use the same logo, the same uniforms and with a minimum part of the staff but will not carry the heart of Alitalia with it. It leaves 8 thousand people on the road. It is a dramatic thing “, explains the stewardess who is part of the company’s ground staff and therefore has not yet been hired by Ita.” The EU Commission has imposed a thousand stakes and the only one that has been fully respected so far it is that of the redundancies. It is very sad. We are waiting to know our future with a lot of apprehension. There is a lot of regret. Only the closeness with the other colleagues who are experiencing the same tragedy heartens us a little. We are very attached at Alitalia, we called her ‘mamma Alitalia’. When you came back from abroad and you saw the airline’s plane on the runway, it was like coming home already “. Now in the future there is only uncertainty. “We know little or nothing. We are waiting to understand what will happen to us and to our lives. We cross our fingers”, concludes Manto.