• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Deaths at work: government crackdown, stop irregular companies and more controls


Oct 14, 2021

Way to new stricter regulations to combat deaths at work: in the next fiscal Dl that will be approved tomorrow in the CDM, in fact, the government is preparing to strengthen the rules on safety in the workplace to deal with the new wave of fatal accidents. Rules that will hinge on three key points, among which the new crackdown on sanctions, up to the suspension of production, which will incur companies that do not respect safety regulations. The provision was made official by Prime Minister Mario Draghi during the very brief meeting today, together with the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, with the trade unions who welcomed the announcement more than positively. In fact, new regulations had been urged on several occasions by Cgil Cisl and Uil also in light of the latest Inail data which from January to October estimated a number of deaths in construction sites and in factories equal to those recorded, overall, in the whole of 2020. therefore, in the face of sanctions, the decree provides for the suspension of companies that do not comply with safety regulations until the conditions of legality are restored. The measure to stop entrepreneurial activity will also be triggered in the presence of a percentage of more than 10% of irregular workers, this threshold lowered compared to the 20% currently envisaged. Not only. In any case, the suspended companies will have to continue to pay workers’ wages during the period of pause in production. Among the rules that will become part of the decree also tools to accelerate the new hires expected to strengthen the Inspectorates, about 1200 new jobs by next December and another 1000 in 2022, especially the territorial ones but also in the ASL, and interventions for improve coordination between Institutes in charge of checks and controls on workplace safety, which will always be assigned to the National Inspectorate, with which to make it possible to build the awaited single database. In fact, action is taken on the discipline of the National Information System for prevention in workplaces (Sinp) to improve the sharing of information and orient the supervisory activity. , commented positively on the announcement. “An important and positive meeting”, explained CGIL leader Maurizio Landini as he left. “Finally some positive news to combat the massacre of workers who die in the workplace. The decree announced by the Government constitutes an important response to the deaths at work”, added the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri. “It was a positive meeting in a climate of shared responsibility. We must stop the massacre in the workplace”, said CISL leader Luigi Sbarra.