• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Calvosa (Eni): “The energy sector has a unique opportunity to take up the challenge of change”


Oct 14, 2021

“Thanks to the progress of vaccination campaigns and the easing of restrictions in most countries, important signs of recovery have emerged in the last period, with a strong recovery in the world economy, first in the industrial sector, then in the services sector. and tertiary activities. In this context, the energy sector has a unique opportunity to take up the challenge (but also the opportunity) of change. The transition to a decarbonised economy is one of the main objectives that States have set themselves for the decades to come. A transformation that places scientific research at the center as an engine of innovation and progress “. This was stated by the president of Eni, Lucia Calvosa during her speech at the Eni Award ceremony at the Quirinale. The Eni Award, explains Calvosa, “testifies to the Company’s historic attention in these areas. Born in 1987 with Eni-Italgas, the award has evolved over time up to the current version, which recognizes both technologies and results. of the most promising research in the energy field, both to young people who stand out in this sector “. The experience of the Eni Award, he adds,” has allowed us to build over the years an important network of scientists in the field of energy and environment, which represents a significant asset for the company and for the country “.