• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Alitalia, Fiumicino flight attendants: “Never imagined a day like this”


Oct 14, 2021

“It was our last flight. We would never have even imagined a day like this ”. Barbara and Paolo (they prefer to give only their name) landed from Milan and, once disembarked, they immediately joined their colleagues gathered in the garrison in front of terminal three of Fiumicino airport. This evening, after 75 years, the last flight of the largest Italian airline will take off. When the flight from Cagliari at 10.05 pm will land in Rome Fiumicino shortly after 11.00 pm today, the old Alitalia will leave the field to the new Ita. Read also Barbara was in Alitalia for 25 years, Paolo 30 and today, they tell Adnkronos, “everything ends and from tomorrow we are on layoffs and 8,000 people remain at home with us”. The future is all an unknown: “We presented the application for employment in Ita but we remained on the ground. Alitalia has already gone bankrupt several times but we would never have thought of such an end ”. An end, they say, “that the workers of this company do not deserve. Perhaps people associate Alitalia with the waste of years past. but things have changed for quite some time now. starting with our paychecks. When the brave captains arrived in 2008, salaries were cut by 15%, now with Ita we are talking about cuts by 50%. ”There is Francesca, also a flight attendant, mother of two children, who has just arrived from Sardinia to greet the colleagues on the day of farewell to Alitalia. “How am I? I don’t know, maybe like someone who has to think about reinventing a life waiting for a repechage in the future. I have been with Alitalia for 21 years, for a year and a half I have flown very little, one or two days a month. I was a candidate for Ita but I was not called in. The hiring criteria are not clear, there was no transparency – he says – from what we know is that in the new company there are few mothers and few people who benefit from law 104. Does this mean something? “. And then, he continues,” as a Sardinian I live today another farewell, that of Alitalia to Sardinia since Ita will no longer operate territorial continuity. An even greater sadness. ”Certainly another employee of the company, enrolled in the Cub, on layoffs since 2007, is not betting on the success of the new Ita:“ Ita, Industry collapse plane ”reads the writing printed on his black T-shirt. “Ita starts with 52 planes, how will it be able to compete with other companies? So it won’t be able to go anywhere, it’s not a company worthy of the name. The problems come from afar. after privatization there was no desire to really get this company off the ground, bad choices led us to this situation and the result is 8,000 people on the ground ”.