• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Energy and banks penalize Piazza Affari


Oct 13, 2021

Seated in the name of prudence for Piazza Affari which, unlike the other European lists, did not capitalize on the indications above the estimates coming from the start of the new season of the US quarterly. JPMorgan’s third quarter closed with revenue up from $ 29.9 billion to $ 30.4 billion and net income of $ 11.7 billion, up from $ 9.4 billion previously. BlackRock’s quarter was also booming, ending Q3 with profits up 23% to 1.68 billion and revenues up 16% to 5.05 billion. The Ftse Mib closed the session at 25,958.69 points, -0.12% compared to the previous figure, due to the ballast represented by the securities of the banking sector and energy: in the first sector, Banco BPM scored a -2.21 %, UniCredit a -2.26% and BPER Banca a -1.7%, in the second the trio formed by Saipem, Eni and Tenaris respectively left 2.12%, 1.27% and 1.31%. Utilities, on the other hand, rose with + 1.16% from Hera and + 0.96% from Enel. As reported by the Financial Times, the CEOs of the major European utilities, including Francesco Starace, would have invited the European authorities to avoid drastic interventions in the sector. Positive closure for STMicroelectronics (+ 1.4%) which, despite rumors of a cut of Apple’s production targets, capitalized on the positive tone of the European hi-tech sector after the numbers of the German Sap. The indications coming from Paris, where LVMH lifted the veil on the accounts as at 30 September, allowed Moncler to score a + 2.73%. On the rise, the BTP-Bund spread rose to 107 basis points (+ 1.4%). This morning the Ministry of Economy awarded 3-year BTPs with a yield up 8 cents at -0.19% and 7-year bonds at + 0.48%, +16 cents compared to the auction a month ago . In the case of the thirty-year period, the figure rose by 13 basis points to 1.82%. (in collaboration with money.it)