• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Green pass work, Trieste port: “Via or almost every port stops”


Oct 13, 2021

“The only opening towards us is to remove the Green pass. The block on Friday is confirmed, today there will be surprises because not only the port of Trieste will stop. Also that of Genoa? I would not stop at the one in Genoa, almost all ports will stop. Tonight we will have confirmation ”. These are the words of the spokesman for the port of Trieste, Stefano Puzzer, who at the Huffington Post announced news for today, in view of the entry into force of the obligation of the Green pass for access to work, scheduled for Friday. Read also According to Puzzer, therefore, there is no risk of stopping only the port of Trieste, but many other Italian ports. “The economic damage that would be caused by the blockade of the port of Trieste? On October 14, the Green pass will be removed. The economic damage, if any, will be caused by the stubbornness of the Italian government alone to maintain this criminal measure. We hope that everyone around Europe will come to pull the ears of the Italian government to remove this decree “commented Puzzer. The workers of the port announced yesterday the total block of operations starting from Friday 15, when the obligation will start. of the Green pass. Without room for negotiation. The circular from the Ministry of the Interior, which invited companies in the sector to evaluate the option of free tampons for employees, was in fact rejected by the Trieste Port Workers Coordination (Clpt). The CLPT is the trade union force protagonist last Monday of the demonstration against green certification which had seen the participation of 15,000 citizens.