• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Green pass table, towards checks only at entry and recognition of other vaccines


Oct 13, 2021

No derogation from the introduction of the mandatory green pass in workplaces for particular sectors, checks of the green certificate only at entry and digitization of exemption certificates. According to Adnkronos, these would be some of the issues dealt with in the course of the technical confrontation between the Ministry of Labor, that of Health and CGIL, CISL, UIL and UGL, summoned today to the dicastery of via Veneto. An ad hoc check will also be carried out to see if the pharmacies will be in a position to withstand an important swab campaign like the one that is looming. Furthermore, union sources report, a circular should arrive shortly to recognize the validity of other vaccines as well. In addition, the government would have informed the unions that it is working to include the recognition of the quarantine period as an illness by the INPS in the budget law. The concept of the workplace will then be clarified and clarified to avoid ambiguity whatsoever even in the context of smart working. Instead, the 48-hour deadline for prior communication to the company would have been skipped. companies will therefore have to organize work without a time ‘deadline’: this is to avoid heavy repercussions on shifts and work-family reconciliation.Finally it has been clarified that private work, unlike public work, will not make use of guidelines: the organization will thus be delegated to the single employer.