• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Mandatory green pass and ports, “companies evaluate free tampons”: it is controversial


Oct 13, 2021

Compulsory green pass at work, the port sector companies ” consider making available to personnel “without a green certificate” free rapid molecular or antigenic tests ”. Thus the Interior Ministry in a circular sent to the prefects as there is a risk of “a serious compromise in the operations of the ports.” the need to proceed, with the involvement of the prefectural network, to an immediate monitoring of employees actually without the aforementioned certification, involving their respective employers through the Port System Authorities (Adsp) ”, reads the circular. ” This is in order to have an assessment framework on the possible incidence of any defections due to the lack of a Green pass which could cause a serious compromise in the operations of the airports ”, underlines the Interior Ministry. ” During the meeting – it is emphasized in the circular – in consideration of the serious economic repercussions that could derive from the feared situation also against the same companies operating in the sector, it was recommended to urge companies ” so that ” they consider making available to personnel without Green pass free rapid molecular or antigenic tests. ” concerning the guarantee of essential services and for fairness with respect to all, we believe we should request the extension of the recommendation of the circular to all transport sectors of ancillary services and related accessories “. The general secretaries Filt Cgil, Stefano Malorgio, Fit Cisl Salvatore Pellecchia and Uiltrasporti, Claudio Tarlazzi jointly ask for it in a letter sent to the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Infrastructures. “We have on several occasions represented at MIMS – finally write the three union leaders – the peculiarities of the essential public services sector and in particular of the transport sector and the need to guarantee as much as possible a continuity of the transport service of people and goods that does not impact on the fundamental rights of user citizens ”.Salvini” Quick and free swabs for workers (of the port of Trieste) without a Green Pass, to avoid problems. Word of the Lamorgese. Ah, but then it can be done! And for the other millions of workers instead zero? Instead of businesses, the state should be contributing. Inadequate. “League leader Matteo Salvini writes on Facebook.