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A2A presents’ Right Turns’, stakeholders’ point of view on transition


A2A’s stakeholders are futurists, projected towards technological innovation (for 60.4%), although they are aware that the implementation of innovations will not be possible without the contribution of individual behaviors, and very attentive to the rights of the new generations (for 92%). This is what emerged from the path of listening to stakeholders in the territories in which the A2A Group operates, which took place between June and September 2021, the results of which were presented today during the event ‘The right turning points – The point of view of the territories on future of the ecological transition in Italy ‘. Furthermore, A2A’s stakeholders are welcoming rather than exclusive, that is, they are convinced that the decisions necessary to promote the ecological transition must be taken by involving all the actors (73.7%) and not just the institutions. They also prove to be focused on protecting the environment (73.5%), its resources and biodiversity, even at the expense of society’s needs. Finally, the stakeholders involved are more prudent than revolutionary: in order to achieve the sustainability objectives, they are oriented towards incremental changes (for 70%), rather than towards radical changes, which risk creating rifts and conflicts in society. ” sixth assessment report of the IPCC – Intergovernamental Panel on Climate Change confirms that without a decisive turnaround on decarbonization we will suffer the serious consequences of climate change. more: this year in Italy was May 13. From this awareness and with the desire to make a contribution to sustainable development, A2A drew up its ten-year strategic plan in 2021 which includes investments for 16 billion euros on energy transition and circular economy, “says Marco Patuano, president of the Group.” Completing the ecological transition is a global priority, but it is This is a challenge faced by companies and institutions that cannot aspire to do it alone. The project ‘The Right Turns: the Territories’ point of view on the future of the Ecological Transition in Italy’ is placed in this scenario, because territories are fundamental and it is crucial to involve and listen to them. Focusing on their specificities, their predisposition for change and their cultural profile, in fact, is the starting point for identifying the most suitable enabling levers to design a ‘tailor-made’ ecological transition “, underlines. sustainability ‘, a path of listening and dialogue, carried out with the support of The European House-Ambrosetti, in 6 territories where A2A is present (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Valtellina and Valchiavenna, Bergamo, Brescia and Milan). focused on 10 ‘Right Turns’ to take to foster the ecological transition: choices and crossroads that have been submitted to the stakeholders of each territory to indicate the path to take for the future. The decisions concerned: Technological Innovation vs Individual Behaviors, Generation Z vs Boomer, Institutions vs Stakeholders, Smart Cities vs Smart Land, Radical Changes vs Incremental Changes, Public vs Private, Environment vs Society, Philanthropy vs shared value, Growth vs Degrowth and finally Collective decision vs Decision of the competent.


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