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Water, decreasing network losses


No to water dispersion. Over 56% of the water networks managed by the Iren Group have been districtized and systematically monitored with a direct impact on the reduction of network losses which amounted to 33.3% against a national average of 43.7%, in line with the 29% target set for 2025. The positive impact also occurs on the withdrawal of water from the environment for drinking use, per inhabitant / day, which are reduced by 3% compared to 2019. This is what emerges from the Sustainability Report 2020 of Iren which reports on the economic, environmental and social performance of the Group. Still on the water front, over 1,350 purifiers made it possible to maintain high levels of performance in the abatement of the main pollutants and to increase treatment capacity (+ 3%), in line with the forecasts of the Business Plan to 2025. To guarantee quality for citizens and the environment, more than 150 samplings a day were carried out on the 279.6 million cubic meters of water fed into the network and on the purified water.

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