• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Covid, Iren: attention to workers, customers and continuity of service


May 6, 2021

Attention to workers, customers and continuity of service. This is the ‘recipe’ with which the Iren Group has faced the crisis due to Covid-19. To deal with the Covid-19 emergency, the Iren Group has in fact prepared a series of actions for the protection of workers necessary to guarantee the continuity of the activities for the management of services. The significant investments in digitization made in the past have favored the effective management of the emergency, also thanks to the continuous introduction of remote work for 3,166 employees. The Group has chosen not to resort to social safety nets to deal with situations of reduction / suspension of activities and has signed an agreement with the trade unions for the use of ‘recovery permits’ and solidarity holidays. More than 2,130 days of solidarity holidays were donated by employees, doubled by the corresponding value made available by the Group. At least one day of remote training was provided for each employee, transforming the emergency into an opportunity for professional enrichment. Despite the context, 612 new hires were hired, over 50% of which were young people under 30. On the customer side, Iren has activated initiatives to reduce the impacts of the Covid-19 emergency, confirming the full regime of the call center activities that made up for the periods of closure of branches in the lockdown phase, guaranteeing equal service levels, digital contact channels, maintaining the opening of the contact points for the continuity of environmental services and providing for the payment in installments of bills and interruption of the suspension or reduction of supplies due to arrears, in advance of the provisions of the regulator, strengthening the sending digital invoice and extending the payment terms. Initiatives which, together with the continuous enrichment of services, have recorded excellent results both in terms of growth of the customer base (+ 3%) and in terms of satisfaction. This is what emerges from Iren’s 2020 Sustainability Report which reports on the Group’s economic, environmental and social performance.