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Eni: “The local sustainability report, our identity card”


Third and final day of work for the WTO, the energy fair in the Mediterranean basin, three days of exhibitions and debates focused on the future of the sector, from decarbonisation to sustainability, to renewable energy sources. For the occasion, Eni presented its local sustainability report, with a focus on Ravenna. “Eni is present in Ravenna – comments Alberto Manzati, manager of the Central Northern Eni District – with all the business realities, the cultivation of natural gas, the Versalis activity as regards chemicals and tires, with Eni Rewind for reclamations, with Enipower for thermoelectric generation and finally with R&M for the transport and storage of LPG “. Some numbers: Eni’s Central Northern District (Dics) extends between the Adriatic Sea, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. Production is almost exclusively made up of natural gas, of which 97% comes from offshore fields, through 56 fixed delivery platforms and another 16 transit platforms. Gas production was 2.2 billion cubic meters in 2020. The fields in the Central Northern District supplied 53% of national natural gas production in 2020, enough to cover 3% of gross domestic consumption. The Enipower plant in Ravenna has a power of 973 MegaWatts, almost a fifth of the company’s national total, while in Romagna Versalis, the largest Italian chemical company, produces olefins and elastomers. The Research Center develops synthetic rubbers with content of renewable or recycled materials. Thanks to the ‘Waste to Fuel’ technology, Eni Rewind plants are able to recover water and produce bio-oil and biomethane. In Ravenna, Eni Rewind owns the areas no longer used for production purposes and, thanks to its integrated end-to-end model, guarantees the supervision of the entire remediation process, planning projects for the enhancement and reuse of resources in order to make them available for new sustainable development opportunities. Finally, R&M – Refining & Marketing, also in Ravenna, carries out storage and handling of LPG, an energy source with a low environmental impact. “This Report is a message for the stakeholders, very important for us – continues Manzati – so that our program is received by the territory. For us Ravenna has been a very important city since the 1950s when the research activity for natural gas began. “Ravenna in the present and above all in the future of Eni. A very important project by Ccus (Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) is underway. hub that in the future could collect up to 500 million tons of carbon dioxide. “This is a demonstration project – concludes Manzati – in relation to the storage of CO2. The project is now 100 thousand tons and aims to demonstrate how it can be achieved in a safe way by exploiting existing skills and assets, this can be followed by a project aimed at decarbonising and therefore storing and reusing CO2 both from Eni and from third parties. “There are many projects in the Romagna area that Eni has reported in own relationship, a sign of a synergy with Ravenna by now consolidated. of mussels in the submerged part of the platforms. Interventions for the enhancement of the territory such as 3 million euros destined to the Municipality for the protection of the coasts, or the chemistry observatory with the Municipality and the Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation and the CoLABaboRA project now in its fourth edition dedicated to innovative ideas linked to the territory. The project also saw the participation of ‘Joule, Eni’s school for business’, the program dedicated to supporting sustainable businesses.


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