Open-es, digital platform for sustainable development of industrial supply chains

Omc, the energy fair in the Mediterranean basin, was the occasion for the presentation of Open-es, a digital platform for sharing data relating to the sustainability of production chains born from the partnership between Eni, Boston Consulting Group (Bcg) and Google Cloud. A tool open to all companies engaged in the path of sustainable development and circular transformation. The 4 Pillars of the platform are Planet, People, Principles of Governance and Economic Prosperity. The environmental impact of companies depends on many factors and often not all linked to their business activities: the production chains, the use of products and services by customers, everything must be sustainable. This is why it is necessary to protect the planet by managing natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change. And the people who work in this sector must first understand that respecting health and safety, human rights, providing decent work standards for all women and men, is fundamental to achieving the (very ambitious) goals set for the future. of the planet. Hence the economic prosperity of society, an essential element: economic growth built on decent employment and equitable development, based on sustainable production and consumption. The quality of corporate governance is fundamental to obtaining long-term value, aligning and guiding financial and social performance, as well as ensuring responsible management to protect the planet, people and economic prosperity. Open-es has launched a path for companies developed on 12 scalable levels thanks to sustainability performance on the four pillars, the collaborative attitude and the sharing of experiences and success stories. Along the same lines, the development plan articulated on 4 dimensions which with specific improvement actions will lead the path to grow on the performances linked to the Planet, People, Economic Prosperity and Governance Principles. Finally, the control of the results. Specific analyzes and reports to understand how it is progressing and its positioning among companies in the sector to identify areas of strength and room for improvement. Currently Open-es has more than 2600 companies.

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