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A crypto-skyscraper in the center of New York: this is the NFT museum


The announcement was made by Todd Morley, co-founder of the financial services company Guggenheim Partners and president of the Overline Network project, a network that wants to combine the best of blockchain protocols in a single multi-chain platform, and which promises interoperability between all existing cryptocurrencies by means of its standardized token, Emblems. The museum project should start by the end of the year as well as the completion of the building that will host it. Known as the Steinway Tower, between 111 West and 57th Street, it has been under construction since 2015. 435 meters tall (50 more than the Empire State Building), it is also the thinnest skyscraper in the world given the ratio of base to height, with a base of 24 meters by 18. Futuristic both in the design and in the tapered shape and in the perspective games that seem to make it “disappear” in the Manhattan sky. Incredibly tall, it defies the laws of physics in an example of “impossible engineering” and reshapes the skyline around Central Park leaving the viewer with the feeling of watching a somewhat elusive spectacle. The choice of setting up the largest museum of the intangible here could not have been more appropriate. There are still no clear details on how this NFT museum will work, at the moment it is not even clear what type of NFT works it will contain, nor has the figure of a curator been announced yet. What is certain is that, in addition to the museum, the skyscraper will be equipped with a network to allow wireless access to the blockchain regardless of one’s internet connection, a project that Todd Morley wants to extend to other buildings in and outside Manhattan. The skyscraper is supposed to act as a beacon (low frequency transmitter) to connect users in the surrounding radius to the Overline network, allowing among other things the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The case of the new museum in the Steinway Tower is not isolated. While physical works of art are digitized and become NFT, with official, unique and blockchain-tracked reproductions to be visited in online museums, virtual works begin to reclaim their own “physical” space, at least in virtual reality – and really, not is an oxymoron. Beeple, the record-breaking artist who saw one of his digital works auctioned at Christie’s for $ 69 million, has his own exhibition space thanks to his major collector. Metapurse, the largest NFT fund in the world created by Metakovan, pseudonym of blockchain entrepreneur, programmer and angel investor Vignesh Sundaresan, inaugurated in January the first public art project in virtual reality, costing almost 3 million dollars. Designed by Voxel Architects (digital designer studio), B.20 Museum is a fully-fledged museum dedicated to Beeple’s works, with a rich and precious collection. It also exists in its own “space”: the CryptoVoxels universe, a virtual world where you can buy and sell land, build and visit buildings. Except that to do this we need an avatar, who in our place moves between the rooms of the museum among works such as The passion of Elon (a crucifixion starring Elon Musk), a nude of the ogre Shrek (Shrek Too) and other irreverent references to pop culture, all the work of Beeple. B.20 is not the only NFT museum present on the platforms of virtual worlds, others have been born and are being born in recent months, making a notable conceptual leap, which aims to give exhibition dignity to intangible works, and shifts the idea of a museum on entirely new levels.



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