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Support decree bis, free cig even after 1 July: here’s how


Free Cig even after 1 July in exchange for the commitment not to fire. This is what government sources explain, recalling that, in the absence of the executive’s intervention, industry and construction would have returned to normal from July 1st, or they should use their ordinary cig which has an operating cost of 9- 15% of the salary and would have the freedom to fire. Read also The intervention of the Government instead foresees, in line with all the other European countries that have always taken this path, to guarantee the free cig even after 1 July – companies would not have the choice between using the cig paid or free, if he takes it it must be free – in exchange for the commitment not to fire any employee. In short, unlike now, after July 1, it would no longer be an absolute ban on dismissal (because a company that does not want to ask for the e-cig is free to fire) but a strong incentive not to do so (because the use of cig it’s free for the company). All this, however, is valid only for industry and construction, for services the total ban on dismissal (for all companies whether they use cig or do not use it) is valid until the end of October and free cig until the end of the year. June 30th there is the free covid layoff and total dismissal ban for all companies, both those that use cig and those that do not use it.



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