• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

In Renault the work is ‘hybrid’, here is the agreement for the post-Covid world


May 6, 2021

In the post-covid world, work will never be the same and Renault moves ahead by organizing a ‘hybrid’ system that can combine the benefits of flexibility with those of face-to-face activity. This is the aim of the addendum to the global framework agreement signed by the CEO of the Group Luca de Meo with Eric Vidal, Secretary of the Mondo Group Committee, and Valter Sanches, General Secretary of IndustriAll. The setting of the new document defines the organization between smart working and face-to-face work, a voluntary operation that focuses on well-defined principles: more flexibility in the personal organization of work: organization of the week between smart working and face-to-face at least two days of smart working per week and maintenance of at least 20% of the monthly working time in presence; empowerment and autonomy: based on individual objectives, free organization of work between individuals, collaborators and face-to-face meetings with the team; respect for the balance between private and professional life: respect for company working hours, but also for periods of rest and holidays (right to disconnect). The newly signed addendum extends the global framework agreement signed in 2019 and – reads a note from the group – “allows to accompany the transformation of Renault, above all by reviewing its working methods. It also responds to the expectations expressed by collaborators, who are are accentuated with the health crisis, on the possibility of making a mix between working in presence and smart working to improve the balance between private and professional life “. Commenting on the new document, De Meo emphasizes how” to lay the rules of the game for the new organization hybrid of work is fundamental “. “By seeking the right balance between physical presence and smart working, but also by exploiting all the advantages that technology can offer us, we will gain effectiveness and improve the quality of life of our employees all over the world. This agreement truly unique and of great modernity. This is also Renaulution “, concludes De Meo.