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Dismissals, Landini: “The game is not over”


“For us the” layoffs “game is not over”. Thus the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, to the microphones of Rai Radio 1. From Confindustria “the message that is given is that the problems can be solved by giving the possibility of firing”. “The Prime Minister Draghi says that the confrontation with the social partners is still open. We do not want to be faced with thousands of layoffs, it is not the time to open social rifts in the country”, said Landini. “To speed up the times” in tenders and in the execution of the works it is not enough “simply to change the rules. We make hires to qualify the contracting authorities”, stated Landini. On the subject “there has not yet been a table to discuss it – he added – even if Prime Minister Draghi had made a commitment. For us, the liberalization of subcontracts and the minimum reduction must be removed, just as it is okay if they also remove the fact that those who design then execute the work “, recalled Landini.



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