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Alperia awarded by Altroconsumo: best operator in the supply of gas


The ranking of Altroconsumo, the magazine of the consumer association of the same name among the most important in Italy, awarded Alperia SpA as the best operator in the supply of gas after a careful investigation and monitoring carried out according to precise criteria. Alperia SpA also ranks second in the electricity category. The survey conducted by Altroconsumo monitored the top twenty providers by market share and with which it is possible to change supplier, at advantageous conditions for our members, through our own online comparator. Among the criteria used in the evaluation of the survey are the contracts and general conditions of supply, customer satisfaction, monitoring of the complaints area and how they are managed by companies. The summary of the ranking provides a measure of the overall quality of the service offered which was then divided into categories: electricity, gas and electricity and gas together. Alperia obtained the first place in the gas supplier category and the second place in the electricity supplier category with the highest scores on the management of complaints and requests and on the satisfaction of online and overall services. The other indicators regarding call center services and transparency in bills are also above average. The scores of these categories allow to reach the best overall quality. “This ranking – comments the CEO of Alperia SpA Johann Wohlfarter – rewards Alperia’s commitment to constantly improve its offer to the end customer, which not only concerns the technical aspects, but also and above all the management of complaints, an element that we try to take care of. in detail. It is the recognition of our vocation for quality that puts the customer at the center and represents for us not a point of arrival, but a starting point to try to raise the quality bar again in the coming months “.


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