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In Milan #enelincircolo, a month of events open to all


“Resources are not consumed but are reused several times and well”, with this message Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Enel’s Italian Market, illustrated the initiatives in the name of sustainability, recycling, art and music, implemented from Enel. A month of free events open to all, with workshops, fitness classes, a photographic exhibition and the performances of Piano City in the Giussani park and the gardens of via Dezza. “We want to give concrete support to citizens. Through the redevelopment of a playground we wanted to transfer the concepts of reuse by bringing them to the youngest, concretely describing the added value they can have when they seem to have run out. In fact, each object has a double or triple life, transforming itself into beautiful works of art. We also liked to document all this with photographs that are exhibited in the gardens ”, explained Lanzetta at the inauguration of the new stage of #Enelincircolo in the Don Luigi Giussani Park. A Temporary Box has also been installed in this green space in the city. Inside it is possible to admire one of the five works created – exclusively with recycled material – by the artist Dario Tironi. In fact, the circular economy project “Energy in circulation” provides for the possibility of bringing disused objects to fifteen Spazio Enel in Milan. Ornaments, toys, electronic devices and much more, will be collected by the store staff and then come back to a new life, turning into real works of art to help reflect on environmental issues, placing the emphasis, as well as on the recovery of the material. as a source of energy, also on the circularity of human energy. “Until 9 October we will host various play areas in which we will inform citizens on how energy is consumed. All while making them have fun and sharing their experiences. – continued Lanzetta. Every Thursday afternoon, creative workshops are also planned for the little ones to raise their awareness of the value of nature and from Saturday to Thursday, the inhabitants of the neighborhood will also have the opportunity to participate in Hatha Yoga, Pilates Matwork Pilates Matwork, Yoga Conditioning classes “, Lanzetta explained. The physical activities will be carried out by the teachers of the Yogamilan school to also provide concrete help to the restart of the gyms.Finally there will also be space for music through the Piano City Milano initiative where even a piano has found new life and with the help of a pedal assisted rickshaw, the performances of the young musicians of the Ricordi Music School will echo in the shade of the trees and the benches of the gardens in via Dezza.


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