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The Sonic Identity of the banks


The banking industry builds its relationships on trust, relationship certainty and the security of our savings. And trust is a parameter on which banks, especially online ones aiming at a young and fluid market, are investing heavily in terms of communication and marketing. Among the emerging trends there is certainly sonic branding, or a sort of identity that is not visual but connected to sound experiences, in a panorama of voice technologies and screenless interactions with the bank itself. The recent launch of the sonic identity of Yes Bank, a rather recent brand in the crowded Indian market six banking services, is told by the marketing manager of the bank Jasneet Bachal in an interview with The Drum. Launched in 2004, Yes Bank responded to the growing need to build greater connection and establish a relationship of responsibility, care and trust, aiming at strengthening the brand’s connection with consumers by adding a sound presence. By launching, first of all, its musical logo (or mogo), created as a sound signature capable of generating an immediate connection with customers in all geographical areas. Sound was integrated across all digital and physical contact points of the bank: radio, digital streaming channels and social media. Social media influencers were also involved to highlight all aspects of the new sound communication. The hope, according to Bachal, is that the simplicity and sophistication of Yes Bank’s mogo stand out and can help establish a deeper and more direct relationship with the consumer. Sensory brands are becoming increasingly in demand to create a distinctive imprint on the mind. of consumers and among these the audio brand is proposed as a central point in parallel with the penetration of digital transactions to build a deeper involvement, also in relationships and banking operations. Explaining the task of Yes Bank’s sound branding, Bachal says, “Sound branding is an attempt to meet the needs of evolving consumers in a changing world, humanize the brand and deepen the connection of consumers, while conveying the values ​​of the trademark, including liability “. This type of experience aims to “instill the same captivating sound architecture in all points of contact and corporate communication, which will act as the sonic DNA of the brand in retail and social environments”.


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