NewsEconomicsIn Venice the docufilm financed in bitcoin

In Venice the docufilm financed in bitcoin


In addition to the particular topicality that tells a story of inclusion and cultural collaboration in a difficult and tormented territory like Afghanistan, the documentary stands out for having been partly financed through bitcoin by its producer Suril Desai. Mirko Negri, entrepreneur and angel investor who takes care of the communication of production, underlined the novelty of the use of crypto assets not for mere speculative purposes but to finance “such an important story and bring it to the big screens”. Lawyer Alessandro M. Lerro, an international fintech expert, said the production will launch a plan to offer NFT (Not fungible token) based on the film, in collaboration with Burkhan Media, in order to raise additional funds to finance four more. documentaries on cultural inclusion in Central and Southeast Asia. Shahal Khan, CEO of Burkhan World, said: «Burkhan through its investments in Media, Gamification, Fintech is investing in infrastructure that will enable places like Afghanistan and other areas of the world where people need an income to support their families to have the ability to do so. Our vision is to help develop the economy from scratch so that people have a hope of peace through financial inclusion. ” Burkhan has scheduled a $ 250 million listing of The Spac on the Nasdaq, which will invest respectively in Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and Media Content.


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