NewsEconomicsO'Leary (Ryanair): "Ita will fail like Alitalia"

O’Leary (Ryanair): “Ita will fail like Alitalia”


“Alitalia and Ita are two sides of the same coin, the new company will also receive public money like the old one but in the end Ita will also fail”. Michael O’Leary, CEO of the Ryanair group, made a clear opinion on Adnkronos, who observes that “in the medium term Ita will certainly not make any profits: the accounts will not be sustainable and will again need public money”. The current one, adds the Irish manager, “is yet another 6 round of aid granted to Alitalia, but Europe will continue to authorize it until, in the end, it is sold to Lufthansa or Air France”. “Within 3-4 years I don’t think Ita will remain an independent company” he says: in any case, “in the post-covid Ita will be 60% of the previous company, and this capacity reduction is a challenge for Ryanair to seize the opportunities” Ryanair CEO confirms that the company “is not interested in the Alitalia brand”, a company that “in the end has no valuable assets. Apart from the slots, which we hope will be reallocated soon, to be able to grow on your market “. A market that – he observes – has so far suffered from a” structural “problem:” is a system that revolved around Alitalia, a company controlled by the government. And airlines cannot function if they operate under the public control “. “Suffice it to see – he remembers – what happened to British Airways, which no longer needed state aid after being privatized. In Alitalia they spent money on uniforms, they took care to satisfy workers and not customers”. “But in recent years the aviation sector has transformed, short-haul travel has become a ‘commodity’, people want cheap travel, The consumer has moved forward while the government and the unions – the manager complains – have they refused “to accept the new situation.” In Italy we have seen a very strong recovery, and at the moment we record a high demand from Northern Europe to your country “, said O’Leary, on the occasion of the presentation of the winter operatives, reiterating the company’s ‘bet’ on our market, confirmed by the opening of two new bases (Treviso, already operational, and Turin, from the end of October) .O’Leary highlights the dynamics – in this post-pandemic phase – of air traffic : “The flights nationals are recovering much faster than long-range ones, also because the launch of the European digital green pass in July has boosted domestic traffic “. As for Italy, in detail “we think that the reservations for the summer season will be extended to September and October”. “Those who would have traveled to Asia or America in the autumn before the COVID are now in a certain sense forced to stay in Europe and Italy is at the top of their agenda” observes Ryanair’s CEO. travelers will be able to count on more favorable costs, given that “it is a recovery in volumes and not in prices, which in recent months have been much lower than in the pre-covid period and will remain so in the coming seasons”.


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