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Qc Terme: “Bonus can be an important measure for wellness tourism growth”


Qc Terme spas and resorts, one of the most innovative companies in the wellness and spa sectors in Italy, welcomes the promulgation of the decree ‘Implementation criteria and methods for the granting and use of vouchers for the purchase of spa services’, with which the so-called ‘Bonus Terme’ is established. “We are pleased that the government has decided to intervene significantly to boost the Italian spa system, which has been among the hardest hit by the Covid19 pandemic – says Francesco Varni, CEO of the group -. We want to remind you that the spas have been substantially closed from the beginning of the pandemic until June 2021, except for the brief parenthesis in the summer of 2020, with the only small exception relating to the thermal services concerning the so-called Essential Assistance Levels (Lea), for which only they could remain open the spa facilities that practice them “. “The will expressed in the decree – observes Varni – to no longer limit oneself only to those services that have never stopped working but instead dutifully include all the activities of the Thermal Institutes as attributable to the Ateco Code 2007 96.04.20, demonstrates the great sensitivity and attention to the sector “. Thermalism, Varni points out, “is an essential part of the wider world of wellness tourism, which despite being severely hit by the pandemic is today characterized by being perhaps the most interesting segment to be developed also for the purpose of seasonal adjustment of tourism; these are structures that allow the sector and related industries, made up of the many realities operating in hospitality and catering, to operate continuously throughout the year and on whose activities thousands of families depend: purely by way of example, we want to underline that there are about 800 for the sole Qc Terme group “.


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