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Facial recognition of the panda and lemur


In the United States, the petco foundation network of dog and cat shelters is creating a database of lost animals, so that anyone who loses their pet can turn to their software to check, by uploading a photograph, if the animal is he is in one of over a thousand shelters across the country. The same happens in New Zealand, while the Chinese giant Alipay has introduced facial recognition for pets into its insurance service, also using each dog’s unique fingerprint, namely that of his nose. And if apps for the facial recognition of dogs and cats are widespread here, both for identification purposes and for measuring mood and health, in other parts of the world to end up in the digital identity network are animals well different. The last, in Sri Lanka, the elephants. A new law aims to protect domestic pachyderms (about two hundred according to official records, while 7,500 are those in the wild), requiring that each of them be filed with a personal integrity card, which includes photos and DNA of each individual. The law provides a set of rules to protect the welfare of pet and working elephants, establishing hours of employment, prohibiting night work, and obliging owners to allow a two and a half hour bath break every day. In addition, it sets age limits for use, establishes that puppies cannot be separated from their mother, and that each animal is subjected to a veterinary check-up twice a year. In addition, owners will need to ensure that mahouts (drivers) are not drunk or under the influence of drugs when mounting the pachyderm, while in Zimbabwe, facial recognition technologies are used to protect giraffes. A team of French scientists working in Hwange National Park has developed software capable of accurately distinguishing each individual with machine learning techniques based on the unique spot pattern of each of these animals. The system is the same that is used for facial recognition in humans, but it has been “trained” on over four thousand photographs of giraffes, and has developed an accuracy rate of 90%, allowing individuals and small groups to be tracked for follow the movements and interactions of a species whose population is in rapid and inexplicable decline. Now the same researchers hope that the software can also be applied to other species that have individual coat patterns, such as zebras and the Ludo, a species of antelope. Singapore, on the other hand, was recently developed in partnership with research centers. Chinese research, a facial recognition app for pandas, as well as software to stop poaching and illegal chimpanzee trafficking called ChimpFace. All preceded, already in 2017, by LemurFaceID, developed by the University of Michigan to identify lemurs, with an effectiveness of almost 100%.


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