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Green Pass, Landini: “Without the obligation to vaccinate is to circumvent the problem”


Green Pass and vaccination obligation. The CGIL leader Maurizio Landini at the Feast of the Daily Fact says he is convinced that “issues such as the vaccination obligation or the green pass must be included by a law: the government must take responsibility. The green pass that does not include any obligation but also just the use of a tampon is just a way to get around the question that Parliament and the Government are unable to resolve. Indeed, the green pass for the canteens was an act of cunning “. “We do not wink at no vax since we ask the government to introduce mandatory vaccination by law: it is a stretch, indeed only an attempt to discredit the union to say that we are not people with whom we can discuss future choices”. “Using the green pass to introduce divisions in workplaces is wrong: if a green pass is then provided without obligation, there is only one person who has to pay the buffer to work, which instead must be free. And this is another one for us. precise element “, he continues. Work” We will not remain idle if we are not involved in everything that will be necessary to put in place to transform the labor market “says Landini, reiterating the possibility of reaching mobilization in the face of non-responses of the government on the hottest dossiers, from the tax authorities to pensions. Reform of shock absorbers “If all goes well, the reform of the social shock absorbers will come into force on January 1, 2022 as the issue has entered the budget law. From now until the end of the year, there will therefore be no therefore no reform: this is why we asked that the block on layoffs expiring on October 31 be extended. We need an extension at the end of the year, including the Covid fund. VAT is still open and no response has been received from the government to our request “. Citizenship income” I don’t know what the poor have done wrong to someone, I see an incomprehensible hatred that makes me react also because those who work are poor pay the taxes even for those who don’t. Those involved in politics should not forget this. And the CGIL does not think about canceling the income of citizenship “. Left-wing parties” It is the left-wing parties that have made the worst laws without even being able to change those of the right, “he says, commenting on the interventions on the labor market.” When it comes to alliances I say, start again to take care of the real life conditions of people “, he continues, underlining how the” break “took place precisely on this issue. day: lived like a normal person, put himself in his shoes. Because in this way, even when you disagree, you still trust who is like you. And that’s what broke “, he concludes.


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