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Relocations, Orlando: “No anti-business rules”


“The question is whether we want to be a large manufacturing country or an object of dispossession … other than anti-business legislation … those who pay the highest price are those companies and their workers who, from one day to the next, discover that they do not have plus the related companies, which no longer have clients. So the question is not so much preventing the closure, which seems impracticable to me, but setting up stakes with which to verify if there are possible alternatives to closure or if instead there is only this path “. It is the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, who thus returns to explain the rationale of the anti-relocation regulations during the party of the Democratic Party in Genoa. “And if a stop is inevitable, it is inevitable to see what interventions are used to cushion the impact on the workers. This is the thing that must be countered. It is impossible to say: I force you to keep a company open, which is also vaguely unconstitutional, but it is possible intervene in the face of antisocial behavior and mediate with that conduct “, he adds. And to Bonomi, who ironically had pointed out that with the intervention under consideration, the companies would have moved en masse to Spain, he replied: “I made a fool and I do not argue with the president of Confindustria who, however, has made a mistake since we are with Spain. working to discipline this front together, assuming a common position also in Europe. The Spanish Minister of Labor is also an exponent of the Spanish Communist Party and therefore not the best example to cite “, he concludes.


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