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Food, Hundred: “We need more supply chain in Italian politics against European threat”


“Italian politics must do its duty on the one hand to interact with Europe and on the other hand to increase collaboration and synergy between ministries. We need a greater supply chain in politics”. This is what the undersecretary for agricultural policies Gian Marco Centinaio remarked about the protection of made in Italy against “the European threat that carries out actions that are not helping Made in Italy and the Italian agri-food chain” with the label Nutriscore at the traffic lights and the enhancement of synthetic meat. This is what he said when speaking at the workshop “Integrated supply chains for the relaunch of the country”, which is part of the “Integrated supply chains” initiative that The European House – Ambrosetti launched with the support of Philip Morris Italia. Read also Centinaio also underlined that “from Europe we receive a request for greater sustainability and consumer protection, Italy is ready for these challenges through the use of the supply chains we are proud of”. “We want to carry on a dialogue with our heads held high because we ask for respect for the Mediterranean Diet which is a World Heritage Site – added Hundred – but to bring home results it is necessary that Mipaaf does not reason alone as well as the other ministries: Economic development Mef, Environment or Health. The promotion and protection of made in Italy must pass through the institutional dialogue between ministries, regions and delegated bodies “.



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