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Trippella (Pmi): “Our supply chain model from seed to human capital”


“Our supply chain covers various regions, from Veneto to Emilia Romagna, from Tuscany, to Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Puglia and even if it has been, and is tiring, to work within the supply chain, in recent years we have risen to give prospects for our producers and the related industries that generate the supply chain “. This was stated by Cesare Trippella Head of Leaf Eu, head of the purchasing and management division of tobacco leaf for Philip Morris Italy in Europe, speaking at the workshop “Integrated supply chains for the relaunch of the country”, which is part of the the “Integrated Supply Chain” initiative that The European House – Ambrosetti launched with the support of Philip Morris Italia. Read also “The supply chain is in fact very important because it means creating a bond from start to finish and our company – he explained – did it starting from the field, then with the huge investment in the Bologna plant to get to the commercial sector, to the distribution and development of a Win win model “. “The transformation process that Philip Morris has undertaken to move towards a smoke-free world also concerns the model – added the manager – when there was still no talk of ecological and digital transition, we have dealt with the environment and concentrated with strict regulations for to make our farmers respect agronomic practices that allow an integrated use of chemical products for energy and water saving. And all this – he concluded – we did it also by investing in human capital with a team of young graduates who coordinates all the partners and who has an average age of 33. We are doing the same thing in campaigns with investments in agritech “.



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