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Tax records, stop extension: dates and deadlines for those suspended


Tax bills suspended, with the stop to the extension the tax authorities restart in September: notifications and ordinary collection procedures resume, including those deriving from checks carried out by public administrations. The recovery, announces the Revenue-Collection Agency will be “gradual”. What are the dates and deadlines? As regards the payment of bills and notices already expired before 8 March 2020 (21 February for the municipalities of the red zone), the taxpayer must proceed with the timely payment of the sums due or request and obtain an installment measure to avoid the initiation of recovery procedures. For deeds expiring in the period from 8 March 2020 (21 February for the municipalities of the red zone) to 31 August 2021, payment must be made by 30 September 2021 (the month following the expiry of the suspension period). concerns the extension plans, the payment of the installments due from 8 March 2020 (21 February for the municipalities of the red zone) to 31 August 2021 must be made by 30 September 2021 by paying at least a number of installments sufficient to avoid forfeiture of the plans: the quantity is fixed in ten installments, even if not consecutive, by the refreshment decree. The installments due after 31 August 2021, on the other hand, retain the original payment date. Taxpayers who have benefited from the suspension of the payment of tax bills will be able to request payment in installments. Furthermore, those who had lapsed from a previous installment before the emergency phase can also submit a request for deferment, without the constraint of paying the overdue installments. editions of scrapping and the balance and excerpt) which can pay the sums still due in installments. moment, of the facilitations introduced by the refreshment decree until 31 December 2021 ”, it is explained in a note.The provision provides for tolerance of up to 10 installments. For active installments on 8 March 2020 and for all requests that will be received by 31 December 2021, the law has provided for the possibility of benefiting from a longer period for the forfeiture that will occur with the non-payment of 10 installments, also therefore, in view of the payment deadline at the end of September ” it is necessary to pay close attention to the exact calculation of the installments that have not been paid during the suspension period (which lasted for 18 months) and provide for the balance of those that allow not to exceed the allowed limit of 10 installments to remain in compliance with the installments ”, explains the Agency. For requests submitted by 31 December 2021, the refreshment decree has raised the debt threshold from 60 to 100 thousand euros for which a simple request is enough, without the need to present the documentation certifying the state of economic difficulty, to obtain automatic admission to the ordinary extension of up to 6 years (72 installments). Payments can be made at your bank, at ATMs enabled for Cbill payment services, with your internet banking, at post offices, in tobacconists belonging to Banca 5 SpA and through the Sisal and Lottomatica circuits, on the portal and with the Equiclick app through the PagoPa platform. You can also pay directly at the counters but only by appointment to be booked on the website in the ‘Find the counter and book’ section. Finally, it is possible to make the payment by offsetting with non-prescribed, certain, liquid and due trade receivables (certified credits) accrued for administration, supplies, contracts and services to the public administration.


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