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The prince and the touchless kiss in Snow White


Cancel culture, that’s what they call it. It is an expression that is commonly used in debates on freedom of expression as an extremist tendency of political correctness. Which happens when you criticize literary and artistic works in general, characters and historical moments from other eras and cultures with current sensitivity parameters. An example? Although a bit extreme it makes the idea: a Massachusetts school has decided to remove Homer’s Odyssey from its curricula as racist and non-inclusive. But also, films like Peter Pan, The Aristocats and Dumbo have been accused of misrepresenting populations and cultures and containing harmful messages, to the point that Disney has banned them to children under 7 on Disney +. The last step of this iconoclastic race has the faces of the Prince and Snow White. In the Disneyland playground in Anaheim, California, a controversy has started that records the kiss, offered by the prince to Snow White to awaken her from the spell of the poisoned apple, as non-consensual. This is a new animation offered by the park, closed for over a year following the Covid emergency. Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, Snow White’s enchanted wish, this is the title of the attraction that has recorded numerous critical reviews regarding the girl’s non-participation in the act of kissing. His unawareness, in fact, makes the kiss certainly not a magical moment when, rather, an immediate contact. For the moment, in this case, no measures have been taken but a solution could be offered by the technology that is now depopulating, both in domestic consumption and in that away from home: the touchless. A kiss without contact, on the one hand, would allow to preserve a correct and hygienic physical distance, on the other hand it would preserve the narrative of the spontaneous and moving gesture of the prince without requiring censorship intervention by those who support the non-participation. The touchless is a solution, which especially in times of fears of contagion and extreme political correctness, is registering a multiplication of functions and developments. In this sense, Thyssenkrupp Elevator proposes two new solutions to call the elevator without touching the buttons. Elevator pass is similar to a boarding pass on an airplane: QR codes can be generated at any time via an application, they can be received via SMS or email or printed on paper. Users scan these codes on a reader installed on the landing and lift calls are automatically generated for both the up and down floors. With Touchless Call, passengers can instead call the lift via a virtual control panel on their smartphone, obviously without touching the buttons. Simply scan a QR code with the camera of any mobile phone outside the lift and receive a virtual control panel (LOP) via the device’s web browser to request the lift to your floor and select the desired destination. Xerox Touchless Access is an app that works on Xerox multifunction printers – just connect to a device to copy, scan and print without having to touch the controls. All via smartphone or tablet and via the cloud, eliminating the need to connect the mobile device to the local IT network. While, even in the church, touchless holy water dispensers are beginning to spread: just pass your hands under the photocell and the dispenser releases the necessary dose without contact. Finally, Touchless Video Doorbell allows you to ring the doorbell without touching anything, reducing opportunities for contact with surfaces and limiting risks, because we are talking about a market, that of the contactless economy, which according to Deloitte will increase to double for domestic consumption only. and to reach 3 trillion dollars, even without considering the pandemic variable. The sectors most affected by this exponential growth will be consumer goods, leisure and health goods. But the touchless will therefore be a technology that can also make itself immediately available for everything concerning public morality, for example and precisely, keeping the distance of the prince from Snow White on the occasion of the stolen kiss but also preserving Snow White herself from the accusations of break-in when she arrives. at the home of the seven dwarfs, he does not find them, he enters the same with the appropriate remote opening app and falls asleep in their beds after having cooked and cleaned the kitchen.



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