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Recovery, Legnini to Meritocrazia Italia: “A historic opportunity for the central Apennines”


“For the central Apennines it is a historic opportunity. The additional resources dedicated by the pnrr to reconstruction can allow the development and revitalization of those territories”. Giovanni Legnini, the extraordinary commissioner for the post-earthquake reconstruction of central Italy, said this in a video link with the third congress of Meritocrazia Italia, underway in Silvi Marina. “After having speeded up the private reconstruction above all, 5500 construction sites are open, also thanks to the 110% superbonus, now we are dedicating ourselves to urban regeneration”, added Legnini, who then also spoke about the procurement code. “another reform, which is already in progress, but we must aim at the stability and clarity of the standardization. Changing legislation every year or almost every year is in itself a slowing down factor”, explained Legnini. (from the correspondent Emanuele Iacusso)


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