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Open Fiber brings ultra-fast web to Martina Franca, 6 million to wire homes and offices


The digital future is coming to the southern side of the Apulian Murgia. In Martina Franca, in fact, Open Fiber’s works are on the launch pad for the construction of a telecommunications network entirely in optical fiber, a state-of-the-art infrastructure capable of ensuring citizens and businesses access to the web at unprecedented performances. The latest generation Open Fiber network is made in FTTH mode (Fiber To The Home, i.e. the optical fiber right into the home), the only one capable of returning connection speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second and latency of less than 5 milliseconds. . The start-up of the construction sites follows the agreement stipulated between the municipal administration and the company, an agreement aimed at regulating the methods of technological innovation. The company led by the managing director Elisabetta Ripa has planned an investment of approximately 6 million euros in the Apulian city, own funds necessary for the wiring of 16 thousand real estate units. The agreement was sealed by the mayor Francesco Ancona together with the exponents of Open Fiber Ugo Falgarini (regional manager of Puglia), Dorotea Lo Greco (Institutional Affairs of the South Area) and Cosimo Bianco (field manager and responsible for the cabling works in the city). outlined for Martina Franca, with the aim of limiting the impact and any inconvenience to the community as much as possible, it provides for the reuse of existing infrastructures. As in the construction sites open throughout Italy, the excavations will in any case be carried out by favoring innovative methods with a low environmental impact. Altogether 10 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables will be laid, with the completion of the works expected within 18 months.



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