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Covid, 600 deaths from infections at work: mainly men


From the beginning of the pandemic to last April 30, deaths from Covid infections at work are 600, concentrated above all in the quarter March-May 2020 (58.2%) and equal to about one third of the total accidents at work with fatal outcome reported to the ‘Inail since January 2020, with an incidence of 0.5% compared to the total of national deaths from Covid-19 communicated by the ISS as of April 30th. It emerges from the 16th national report prepared by the Inail Statistical Actuarial Consultancy, published today. Compared to the 551 cases detected by monitoring as of March 31, the fatal cases are 49 more, of which 11 in April, 10 in March, four in February and eight in January of this year, six in December and seven in November of this year. last year, while the remaining three deaths are attributable to the previous months. Mostly men (83.5%) and workers aged 50-64 (72.0%), over 64 (19.2%) and 35-49 (8.0%) die. The relationship between genders is reversed taking into account all the infections at work from Covid-19. The female share of the total, in fact, is equal to 69.0%. The number of infected workers exceeds that of workers in all regions, with the exception of Calabria, Sicily and Campania, where the incidence of women on the total of infections of occupational origin is, respectively, 49.2%, 46.3% and 44.4%. 46 YEARS AVERAGE AGE INFECTED The average age of Covid infected at work since the beginning of the pandemic is 46 years (59 for the deceased). 42.4% of the total complaints concern the 50-64 age group. This is followed by the 35-49 age group (36.7%), under 35 (18.9%) and over 64 (2.0%). 86.2% of the complaints concern Italian workers. The remaining 13.8% are foreigners, mainly Romanians (equal to 21.1% of infected foreign workers), Peruvians (12.9%), Albanians (8.2%), Moldovans (4.5%) and Ecuadorians ( 4.2%). It emerges from the 16th national report prepared by the Inail Statistical Actuarial Consultancy, published today. Nine out of 10 deaths are Italians (90.5%), while the foreign communities with the most deaths are the Peruvian ones (with 15.8% of fatal cases of workers foreigners), Albanian (14.0%) and Romanian (10.5%).



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