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Support Decree bis, measures for work


Green light to the support decree bis with new measures of the work package. “There is a rule that we have created abruptly in the last few hours due to the need to adapt this package to some dynamics that are taking place, which provides for the possibility of making the use of the cash desk more convenient by tying it to a commitment to extend the restriction on layoffs “, said the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando during the press conference with the Premier Mario Draghi and the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco on the dl Sostegni bis, illustrating the main measures of the work package which also include the contract for the reoccupation of the institute on an experimental basis until 31 October. Read also “Basically for those who take the Covid cash register by the month of June – explained Orlando – there must be an extension to August 28 for the dismissal, while the companies that use the ordinary cash will not have to pay the additional charges and therefore will not dismiss while using this cash, in quotes, free “. Among the other measures “there is the strengthening of an instrument already tested which is the solidarity contract, therefore the possibility of coping with market crises through a defense of employment levels, – he continued – there is an enlargement of the contract expansion with regard to young people for a generational turnover within companies, we go from the limit of 250 employees to 100 employees and there is a contribution relief for tourism and commerce, sectors that have paid the most and from which we expects a more significant recovery, and which provides for a total contribution exemption for those returning from the fund “. Other important measures of the Dl Sostegni bis, illustrated by the Minister of Labor, are those” which take into account the time frame necessary for interventions restructuring and reindustrialisation from the pandemic: substantially there is an increase in the timing of the cash for termination to allow if there are ongoing investments be involved in the relaunch of companies in crisis “. Orlando therefore confirmed that “there is a substantial intervention for atypical workers for which an allowance of 1,600 euros is provided for workers in tourism, spas, seasonal workers and show business workers. lengthening of the Naspi which, until the end of the year, would not have calage “. Finally, the minister said that “there is still an important intervention on the poverty front that sees four further shares of Rem”.



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