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Support decree bis, measures for culture and entertainment


Green light to the support decree bis, with new measures in support of culture and entertainment and its workers. “In addition to the new welfare system for show business workers, the Sostegni bis decree contains important new measures for the cultural sectors: an additional allowance of 1,600 euros for show business workers; the refinancing of the entertainment, cinema and audiovisual emergency fund, the emergency fund for cultural institutions, the fund for the functioning of state museums; measures to support the traveling show. These are important interventions, which continue to aid workers, businesses and the realities of the entertainment and museum sectors , particularly affected by the pandemic and forced to go through long and painful closures “, comments the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. Read also a further extraordinary indemnity of 1,600 euros was donated, which interest there was, as already happened with the Sostegni Law Decree, an enlarged audience of beneficiaries. In addition to artists and workers with at least seven working days and an income of less than 35,000 euros, those who, with at least thirty days of work, have an income of less than 75,000 euros will also be compensated. 210 million euros will then go to increase the existing emergency funds, divided as follows: 20 million euros will be allocated to support state museums; 45 million euros to the current account fund and 120 million euros for capital interventions of the entertainment, cinema and audiovisual emergency fund; 20 million euros to the fund for the support of businesses and cultural institutions. The distribution of the remuneration for audio recording devices and media is then modified, streamlining the mechanism of payment of the share of remuneration destined for authors, interpreters or performers to guarantee a faster support for categories particularly affected by the current emergency. Furthermore, a portion of the automatic contributions for the development, production and distribution of cinematographic and audiovisual works is destined to the authors of the subject, the screenplay, the music and the directors, thus enhancing the principle of participation of the authors in the success of the works. recognizing them a contribution up to now intended exclusively for film and audiovisual companies. To support circuses and traveling entertainment, their activities are also exempted from the payment of the fee for the temporary occupation of public spaces and areas until 31 August 2021, by paying over 8 million euros to municipalities for the relief from the failure to collect these taxes.



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