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Autumn sting, + 645 euros per family: rising prices and rising prices


The autumn sting for families is coming. “Inflation at 2.1% translates into higher annual spending of +645 euros” per unit. This is what Codacons calculates by analyzing the data released by Istat on consumer prices for August. “Only the transport sector, which recorded a record growth of + 5.3% in August, determines for a household with two children a higher expenditure for travel equal to +286 euros per year”, underlines the association. “We had denounced a flurry of price and tariff increases recorded in August – says the president of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi – in the tourism and transport sectors, and Istat promptly confirmed our alarm by recording a surge in inflation at + 2.1%. At the base of the strong growth in the price lists, however, there are not only energy goods and gasoline, but speculations on Italian holidays clearly weigh, with completely unjustified increases affecting the holiday sector, from accommodation to establishments. seaside resorts, passing by airplanes, ferries, holiday packages and restaurants “.” The 2021 summer holidays of Italians – he continues – will be remembered as the most ‘salty’ in recent years, characterized by cascading increases in prices and rates that have led to a holidays in our country cost an average of 11% more than last year “, concludes Rienzi.



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