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Support decree bis, Draghi: “He leaves no one behind”


“It is a decree that leaves no one behind”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed himself in this way in the press conference on the Sostegni bis decree. “The CDM has approved the decree which is partly different from the past: it looks to the future and to a country that is reopening, but at the same time it assists and leaves no one behind”, he added. Read also “I would like to express my satisfaction with the decision taken on Monday by the CDM to proceed with gradual reopening, with calculated risk. This is largely the result of the vaccination campaign, followed by the government since its formation. These have been months of great changes in the campaign vaccination, linked first of all to the availability of vaccines. Logistics has gradually led to a positive situation. There is a decision the government is very proud of: the shift in vaccination age classes “, said the former. president of the ECB.

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