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Fumo, Riva (Coci): “EU focuses on education and not on repression”


The European Commission’s plan “to reduce the incidence of cancer is certainly noble, but the problem is how to achieve the objectives. Certainly not only in words. For addiction to smoking, as for alcohol, it is necessary to aim for education from the very young. The repression, on which the EU seems to be aiming, is of no use to those who have a strong dependence “. This was underlined to Adnkronos Salute by Francesco Riva, president of Coci (Cenacolo odontostomatologico Central Italy) and councilor of CNEL (National Council for Economy and Labor), commenting on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the European plan to defeat cancer, presented by the Commission European. Read also “To affirm that one should no longer smoke, when the States ‘earn’ on cigarettes and earn huge amounts on this – observes Riva – is a contradiction. As is thinking of curbing addiction by increasing taxes on all products. I am a former smoker and I can say without being denied that this type of strategy is useless. It is necessary to focus on the education of healthy and correct lifestyles right from the time of children “. “Europe should make what is difficult simple. The citizen must think that there is someone who takes care of him even when he has an addiction problem, who offers him the best and alternative tools to help him without considering him as a problem” , concludes the president Coci.



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