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Support decree bis, draft: no ticket for former Covid patients


No ticket for the checks of former Covid patients but, according to the provisions of the draft of the bis support decree, a “dedicated monitoring program” for patients who had it, modulated on the severity of symptoms and also aimed at the early diagnosis of any sequelae of the disease, without sharing in the cost by citizens. Therefore, on visits and exams to monitor long Covid, the ticket will not be paid. This is what is foreseen in article 27 in the latest draft of the Legislative Decree which speaks of “guaranteeing homogeneous care throughout the national territory” of these patients. To do this, “the National Health System guarantees the necessary outpatient specialist services”, “without sharing the cost of the patient, for a period of 2 years”. Read also To achieve the provisions of the article, an expenditure of 58.234.038 would be authorized, divided into 3 years: for 2021 we are talking about 28.8 million, for 2022 instead of 24.9 million and for 2023 of 4 , 4 mln. The overall figure has been increased compared to the previous draft of the decree, in which almost 50 million were allocated. No ticket for 2 years to therefore allow the healed, who were discharged after a period of hospitalization for Covid, to monitor the impact that the disease had on them. The Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, according to article 31 of the draft, “activate monitoring programs”. And again: “Companies that carry out research and development activities for innovative drugs, including vaccines, are a tax credit in the amount of 20% of the costs incurred from 1 June 2021 to 31 December 2030, provided that the beneficiary of the aid undertakes to grant non-exclusive licenses on non-discriminatory market conditions to third parties in the European Economic Area ” , still provides the latest draft of the Dl Sostegni bis, in title III which groups together the measures envisaged for the protection of health. “The tax credit – it says – is also due to resident companies or permanent organizations in the territory of the State of non-resident subjects that carry out research and development activities in Italy in the case of contracts stipulated with companies resident or located in other States members of the European Union, in the states adhering to the agreement on the European Economic Area, or in states included in the list referred to in the decree of the Minister of Finance of 4 September 1996 “. “It is up to a maximum amount of € 20 million per year for each beneficiary – it is specified – and can be used as compensation in three equal annual installments, starting from the year following the year of accrual”. tax of 30% for the sanitation and purchase of protective devices against Covid-19 for “persons carrying out business activities, arts and professions, non-commercial entities, including third sector entities and civilly recognized religious entities , as well as non-hotel accommodation facilities of a non-entrepreneurial nature “. The tax credit is due for the “expenses incurred in the months of June, July and August 2021 for the sanitation of the environments and tools used and for the purchase of personal protective equipment and other devices to ensure the health of workers. and users, including the costs for the administration of tampons for Covid-19. The tax credit is up to a maximum of € 60,000 for each beneficiary, within the overall limit of € 200 million for the year 2021 “.



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