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Bills and Tari: what’s in the draft of the support decree bis


Bills and Tari, news in the draft of the support decree bis. In fact, the cut in the bill charges for a cost for the state coffers of 150 million is extended to 31 July, provides the document today on the table of the Council of Ministers, which Adnkronos was able to view. With the decree there would also be a subsidy on the tax on waste, Tari. Cost of the operation 600 million. “In relation to the persistence of the epidemiological emergency, in order to mitigate the financial impact on the economic categories affected by compulsory closures or restrictions in the exercise of their respective activities, a fund has been established in the forecast of the Ministry of the Interior with a budget of 600 million euros for the year 2021, aimed at granting by the municipalities a reduction of the Tari “, reads the draft. Read also



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