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Single child allowance 2021, who is entitled to: new requirements and Isee


The single universal child allowance 2021, there is a novelty: the facilitation – with already established requirements and parameters linked to the ISEE – also applies to minors in foster care, as explained by the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, in the ‘ question time ‘to the Chamber. ” Given that the issue involves profiles of express competence of the Ministry with delegation for the family, it is necessary to reiterate the now consolidated orientation according to which the subject entrusted to a family should enjoy the same treatment, as regards welfare services, as that which he would receive in the family of origin ”, the words of Orlando. ” The assumption of custody is the temporary deprivation of a suitable family environment and the institute acts as an action to support and help the family of origin, which is guaranteed by article 30 of the Constitution, which provides for the duty and right of parents to support, educate and educate children and, ‘in cases of parental incapacity, the law ensures that their duties are fulfilled’ “, added Orlando. The single allowance will start in July, as confirmed by the Minister of the Family, Elena Bonetti, in an interview with “Toscana Oggi” on the issue coming out this week. “The single and universal check will start in July – said Bonetti – and, as President Draghi recalled, there is no turning back. From July, even those who have never received the family allowance will have the new allowance and the old allowance will be increased for employees. We will keep the tax deductions for this year. And from January 2022 the measure will start in its definitive form, for everyone. The allowance will be paid monthly, a certain amount, with an increase from the third child and for children with disabilities “. SINGLE FAMILY ALLOWANCE, TO WHOM IT IS – The single family allowance consists of a monthly allowance to all families who have a child dependent up to 21 years. In addition, the allowance has a maximum value of 250 euros, according to the ISEE, and is made up of a fixed value and a variable value according to the overall income of the family. The benefit will be attributed to workers employees, self-employed or incapacitated. All mothers from the seventh month of pregnancy can apply. From the age of 18, moreover, a reduced sum compared to the allowance could be credited directly to the child if: – he is enrolled at university; – is a trainee; – is enrolled in a professional course; – carries out civil service; – carries out a job with a low income. anza for children the allowance in some cases risks a ‘cut’ in the amount compared to 250 euros. The check – as a tax credit or monthly credit – will include the currently existing facilities and will be linked to the ISEE. According to the scenario envisaged, 80% of Italian families would take 161 euros per month for each minor child and 97 for each child under 21. The calculation is linked to the consideration that 8 out of 10 families have an ISEE below 30 thousand euros. The amount of the allowance decreases if the Isee is raised: for an Isee above 52 thousand euros, the contribution drops to 67 euros per month for minor children and 40 euros for adult children but under the age of 21. The framework would favor the self-employed and the incompetent, categories currently excluded from family allowances. Employees would be disadvantaged: 1.35 million families would lose an average of € 381 per year. To close this disparity, it is emphasized, 800 million more are needed per year.



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