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Favini (Logotel): “Sale is the experience that is produced with every contact”


“Selling is the experience that occurs with every contact. Direct sales professionals have a challenge, to commit themselves every day to respond concretely and uniquely to the question ‘why should you buy from me and not from an algorithm’. And you know , it is the intelligent questions that make us progress “. This was stated by Nicola Favini, Logotel general manager, on the occasion of the 9th Direct Selling Forum promoted by Avedisco-Association of direct sales service for consumers. And he continues: “People’s needs change, the concept of time and space changes, everything changes. And how should professional sales evolve? Selling brings people with needs and offers of solutions into contact”. “It can be done – he warns – using digital channels, professional or hybrid channels. The destiny of direct sales is to continue working to become publishers of experiences”.



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