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Disney and luxury brands focus on anti-piracy blockchain


Disney, the entertainment giant, is about to soon test a system called “Blockchain configuration for secure content delivery”, designed to validate the process of distributing its films in theaters, blocking any type of unauthorized reproduction. The patent states that “the blockchain configuration will have an automated control mechanism that will keep track of the reproduction, so as to be able to check that the content is reproduced in the correct destination and the correct number of times. By doing so, piracy by the recipient will be prevented, also avoiding a greater number of reproductions than expected “. Even in the event of theft of the material, therefore, the blockchain system would stop its reproduction, making it in fact unusable. At the moment the software is being studied for implementation in theaters, but it is logical to think of an application for streaming as well. Vevue, on the other hand, is a blockchain-based streaming service, which in addition to directly remunerating the content creators, allows you to track every interaction with the contents, including attempts to copy them – even with screen recording systems – and to trace the device on which it is the content was reproduced at the time of illegal copying. The blockchain can also be used in the digital watermarking process, not only for videos and photos but also for articles, books and scientific publications, operating with an invisible but traceable marking to prevent counterfeiting and unauthorized dissemination. a blockchain platform for the protection of the copyright of national musicians. The Yangtze River Delta Music Copyright Service Platform will be able to certify the intellectual property of music and lyrics, going to remedy a regulatory vacuum particularly felt by Chinese musicians. It is not so much an anti-piracy tool as a platform that, after the copyright of the original versions has been registered on the blockchain, can find unauthorized covers and copies. A potential that also passes from digital to the physical world. The Aura consortium, which for a few weeks has brought together under one roof the historical rivals of Luxury LVMH, Prada and Cartier, aims to fight luxury fakes once again with the blockchain. Thanks to this system it will be possible to record the information in a safe and non-reproducible way and generate a unique certificate for each owner, making the entire life cycle of the product transparent, starting from the raw materials. A digital certificate that is inseparable from the object, which thus sees its value in space and time proven and documented, even in the transfer of ownership and in the resale of used items.



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