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Artificial Intelligence, You will see 1 million Ebitda records


A workforce increased from 3 to over 30 employees with an average age of 26 and a half, dozens of companies using the platform and 1 million euros of Ebitda produced in the fourth quarter of 2020. With these results you will see, the company founded by the 25-year-old Michele Grazioli specialized in the development of platforms for the improvement of decision-making processes, celebrates its first year of activity. Born in the middle of the pandemic in May 2020 with a share capital of one million euros, contributed by the four founding partners, the company quickly gained attention thanks to its technologies: solutions and platforms based on Artificial Intelligence to support entrepreneurs and managers in corporate decision-making processes. In particular, the company has created the Decidere Tm platform which is able to collect information, verify its correctness, analyze data and identify relevant KPIs. In fact, even before decisions are made, Vedrai’s technology calculates their impact on the company, analyzing tens of thousands of variables – corporate and environmental – and identifying possible cause-and-effect relationships between what happens in the company. and what happens in the context in which it operates. “We have been on the market since the end of 2020 and from October to December we have achieved important results and to date we have reached a customer base made up of dozens of satisfied companies” says Michele Grazioli, founder of Vedrai. “Being born in the midst of the pandemic, at a time of severe economic crisis and difficulties for companies to invest, we obviously had to overcome important obstacles, first of all – explains Grazioli – to make SMEs understand that what we are proposing is a technology that it must be adopted immediately and not in 3 or 5 years, as it can be useful to obtain a competitive advantage over other companies. It has certainly helped the fact that we have been on the market for some time, with other projects, as well-known and valuable entrepreneurs “. A success that shows no signs of stopping. “For 2021, we aim to guide SMEs and medium-sized companies towards a faster and more solid recovery thanks to our tools,” says Grazioli. New recruitment plan for 2021, 20 new ‘professionals of the future’ will enter “On the company side, on the other hand, we have a recruitment plan that provides for the progressive insertion in the coming months of an additional 20 technical and operational figures such as Data Scientist, Project Manager, Junior Stack Developers and Sales. These are – adds the founder of Vedrai – mainly the so-called ‘professions of the future’, figures for whom demand in Italy often far exceeds supply “. Vedrai is also consolidating its communication strategy with the aim of increasing brand awareness and becoming a reference point in Italy for topics related to Artificial Intelligence, overseeing not only social networks and ‘mainstream’ channels but also operating on platforms aimed mainly at to a younger audience like Tik Tok. Vedrai’s objective is therefore to bring AI “to a democratic level, addressing companies with a turnover of up to 100 million euros”. From predictive maintenance of machinery to marketing solutions to evaluate the best way and time to acquire customers, Vedrai thus supports SMEs in identifying the best strategy to achieve objectives and plan production, purchases and resources, also lowering costs. And to celebrate the results obtained in the first year, Vedrai has decided to support the La Zebra Onlus association through a donation that will be used to purchase an ultrasound system for the Verziano women’s prison in Brescia. The charity operation takes place together with Chefs for Life, a solidarity consortium that aims to raise funds to support organizations or associations that carry out activities of great importance from a social and health point of view, mainly for the benefit of children, founded by Diego Toscani. “We have chosen a project with an impact on the Brescia area, which hosts one of our offices,” comments Grazioli. “We are a company that looks to the future, in name and in fact: in the last year we have rediscovered the value of the gift and of being close. For this reason, on the occasion of what is an important anniversary for us, we like to celebrate it by contributing to those battles for health that – the very young manager points out – have unfortunately been overshadowed by the pandemic “.



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