• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

One million companies that use the “Entrepreneur’s digital drawer”


May 5, 2021

The chamber system reaches a new important milestone, the adhesion of one million entrepreneurs toimpresa.italia.it, the ‘digital drawer’ of the entrepreneur, an initiative launched in 2017 with the intention of assuming a role of ‘interface’ between the business world and public administration. The digital drawer allows all Italian entrepreneurs to access the official documents of their company, deposited in the Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce, to download them for free – even on the move – and share them easily, safely and quickly. This is a significant result, with a 100% growth in activations in just over a year, the result of the commitment of the entire Chamber System and InfoCamere, in the institutional partnership action with companies, for the provision of digital tools of real simplification and innovation.This milestone is a sign of how the Chamber system is interpreting the concept of digital transformation, a priority for the production world and for the country system, through concrete initiatives: every digital drawer, in fact , represents an entrepreneur with a digital identity who, thanks to the use of smartphones and tablets, acquires ever greater awareness of the value of the information assets of the Chambers of Commerce open to the needs of his business. different forms of enterprise, with some important economic clusters such as joint stock companies and sole proprietorships that r they represent 79% of the activations. Compared to the pre-Covid period, the explosion of the health emergency has seen subscriptions double and quadruple the average frequency of daily access to the digital drawer – from 1500 to 7300 – tripling those using Spid (the public system for digital identity ). From the drawer, entrepreneurs have been able to download up to now – at no cost – 2.5 million official documents of their companies, with a daily average that, compared to the pre-Covid period, has gone from 1300 to 3700 documents. Among these, the search (also in English), the list of shareholders and directors, the deed of incorporation, the statute, the financial statements, the history of changes, the merger, the appointment of directors, the power of attorney, the dossier of company, the substitutive declaration of the certificate of registration in the Business Register for each signatory and much more. From the drawer, each of these documents can be shared in real time and always at no cost, not only with the PA but also with partners, customers, suppliers, banks, professionals. Who are “digital” entrepreneurs and what do their businesses do? 85% run a company with fewer than 10 employees, 25% are women, 56% are aged between 45 and 65 and 20% run a commercial company. Milan (75 thousand), Rome (68 thousand) and Naples (33 thousand) the provinces with the highest number of activated drawers. In relation to the companies in the area, however, the provinces of Calabria and Puglia stand out (with utilization rates above 30%), and Friuli Venezia Giulia (around 25%). Almost 60% of the adhesions concern owners of shares or shares, owners or sole directors. Half (51%) of the companies have the form of joint stock companies (almost all Srl) and 27% that of sole proprietorships, reflecting the interest aroused by the service of the Chambers of Commerce towards smaller and higher risk companies digital marginalization. To access the ‘Digital Cassette’, just connect to the websiteimpresa.italia.it and enter through the digital identity tools that allow you to identify the citizen-entrepreneur: the Spid (the public digital identity system) or the Cns (the National Service Charter). For those without them, it is possible to obtain them by contacting your own Chamber of Commerce.